The first time I was brought to the hospital for a procedure, my doctor explained that I would have a few more endoscopes after the initial one, just to make sure the diet I have is actually working. This does not mean each new scope my doctors are checking my intestinal tract and going “yep still looks like celiac”, it means that I could very well be incorporating something into my diet that I am unaware has gluten, and because I’m asymptomatic, I wouldn’t notice. This list will be updated as I learn, but here are some to start. Most of these are available in gluten-free forms. If they aren’t, I have put an asterisk.

Soy sauce

Cheese-Puffs (unbranded)

Crispy-crunch bars

“Natural Flavouring” -yes, you will learn this very quickly once diagnosed, because any doctor you speak to will be able to warn you. However, just in case you missed that warning, I’m putting it on the list.

Most Uncle Bens Instant Rice

All Kinder products with nuts

*Oats* – I cannot stress this enough. Oats or granola can NOT be consumed by people with celiac disease. Yes, some products will say gluten-free and still contain oats. You’ll notice those products are never officially stamped from the Canadian Celiac Association because they will be cross-contaminated every single time. The milling process cannot be made safe.

Corn flakes

Honey Nut Cheerios – The gluten-free symbol is being taken off

Oatfix LUSH face mask

Oatifix LUSH Face Mask

Face masks & makeup! -watch out for oatmeal face masks and check the ingredients on others. If you have sensitive skin, dollar store face masks or makeup probably aren’t a good idea for you

Shared Lipstick

Shared straws or drinks

Beef Bouillon Cubes

Any person who has just consumed a bread product should not be kissed. I speak from experience on this one, trust me the half body rash is not worth a smooch!







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