I have been taking Sandoz-Lansoprazole since a few weeks after my first endoscopy. I’ve never had to take pills on a regular basis, so this was a first. In the beginning, I didn’t think it would be such a big deal to have them in my routine- but more than that I couldn’t fathom that these pills would solve an issue I barely even saw as an issue until there was a label put on it.

Until this point, the symptoms I got from EOE were just a part of certain meals. I didn’t dwell on them. Now, I had a twice-daily reminder of it. That was in September of 2018, and thanks to Sandoz-Lansoprazole a ton has changed since then. Taking them was kind of a pain because I have a terrible memory, and honestly wasn’t an issue I worried much about.

About a month in, I started realizing food allergies I diagnosed myself with during childhood were just reactions to eating foods too fast. For example, since I was about 8, I refused to eat pork chops because it hurt my chest. After taking Sandoz-Lansoprazole twice a day and subsequently thinking about this disease, I realized that the feeling I got with pork chops was the same as I got with sticky rice, another food I had trouble eating. The difference was, I called the lump-feeling I experienced when swallowing sticky rice “the rice thing”, whereas with pork chops I just swore off eating them forever because it was too painful.Sandoz-Lansoprazole (EOE Pills)

Obviously, I am not actually allergic to pork chops or sticky rice, I just loved eating them so much I wouldn’t really chew before I swallowed, giving myself that weird choking feeling. Guess who can eat pork chops and sticky rice now? Me. Heck yea. The Sandoz-Lansoprazole helped for way more than just mental breakthroughs though. After I realized how much this disease was affecting my life, taking the pills got much easier. I made more of an effort to keep up with them, and for the most part, it paid off.

The combination of knowing to chew slower and Sandoz-Lansoprazole meant I didn’t have near as many choking-like incidents as before. They still happened, but I was able to understand why, and with every issue, I learned more about my limits. I was supposed to be finished my prescription a few weeks before my endoscopy, but because of all the days, I had missed there was a number still left.

Single Pill

Sandoz-Lansoprazole Single Pill

We contacted the doctor and I was told to just keep them for after when I started my prescription again. The results of my procedure were amazing. The Sandoz-Lansoprazole had been working exactly as they should have, and the scarring in my throat was getting much better. As well, the scarring I was getting was completely due to the wheat in my diet, so removing it because of the celiac was really two birds with one stone.

I started taking one pill a day instead of two. This changed way more than you would think because I didn’t have to take them in the morning/night. In theory, I could take them at any time. To keep up the nightly routine I created, I still take them before bed. Time passed, and I am gradually working my way to being completely off Sandoz-Lansoprazole.

It changed from once a day to once every other day, to once every few days, and whenever my prescription bottle is empty, I’m totally finished. Yay! As I said at the beginning, I didn’t always take my medication as seriously as I should have. However, just a few days ago I experienced one of the side effects of missing more than one dose.

Sandoz-Lansoprazole Pill Bottle

Sandoz-Lansoprazole Pill Bottle

The bottle was in a bag I had taken on an overnight trip, and I had just been too lazy to clean it out. I knew I was at the point of taking Sandoz-Lansoprazole every few days, so three or four days wasn’t a huge concern. On the fifth day (wayyyy too long to keep a bag of dirty laundry, never mind the missing pills-trust me, I know) I was lying in bed and noticed I was getting heartburn.

This is one of the known side effects of Sandoz-Lansoprazole. The next day I tidied everything up and got back on a normal schedule with the pills, but it took about a week for the heartburn to stop showing up when I was trying to sleep. Lesson learned on that one. Soon, I won’t even have any pills to worry about missing. In the end, EOE has affected me in a thousand ways I’m sure I haven’t even thought of yet, but my journey with Sandoz-Lansoprazole pills has taught me a ton about both the disease and the importance of medication.

After my next scope, I’ll be able to see the finished effects of medication and the elimination of wheat in my esophagus. It seems this is the end of my journey with Sandoz-Lansoprazole and my EOE has greatly improved but stay tuned for any further updates after my next scope.



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