If you have celiac disease you may be concerned about the COVID-19 vaccines that are becoming available.  As of early 2021 there following vaccines are about to be widely approved and distributed:

And there are more COVID-19 vaccines on the way from companies like Gamaleya, Novavax, Sanofi/GSK, CurVac and Sinopharm.   Each of these has potential side effects.  Thus far none have killed anyone in wide distribution or during testing but there have been a few dozen close calls with people needing EppiPens.

A few days before Christmas 2020, Society for the Study of Celiac Disease released the following statement about COVID-19 vaccines:

“…During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was initial concern that people with celiac disease might be at a slightly increased risk of severe outcomes from SARS-CoV-2 infection, given prior studies suggesting risks related to pneumonia and viral infections.

Studies thus far, including the international registry www.covidceliac.org, have indicated no increased risk of severe outcomes. Even though the risk among people with celiac disease is comparable to that of the general population, we have seen that Covid-19 can nevertheless have devastating effects, and we share in the consensus belief by the public health community that mass vaccination is crucial.

As the safety and efficacy data on Covid vaccination has emerged, there is no evidence to suggest that people with celiac disease would be more prone to an adverse effect of vaccination. Celiac disease is not considered an allergy, and by itself does not prompt additional precaution when proceeding with vaccination. SOURCE


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